Approach to Investments

Arcis believes that strong, consistent investment returns can best be achieved through a value-oriented investment strategy. As such, our approach is centered on the identification, valuation, and transformation of assets with upside potential that can benefit from the experience and available growth capital of Arcis. The key tenets of our investment thesis combine thorough pre-acquisition due diligence, high-impact capital investments in acquired properties, and hands-on asset management throughout the lifecycle of the asset. Through this active and collaborative approach, we believe we can provide management with the necessary tools to enhance the financial stability of our assets and improve the operational efficiency of portfolio companies. 

Why it works

We believe that the best returns can be achieved when a reasonable asset price is combined with the potential for operational improvement. We prefer to generate proprietary deal flow and only pursue acquisitions when we are confident that the asset price is based on thorough underwriting and sound assumptions. Moreover, through a focused and detail-oriented asset management process, we believe that underperforming assets can be transformed into successful, cash-flow generative businesses that offer enhanced value for both our customers and investors. 

Why Arcis

Arcis’ principals have an established history in the ownership and operation of high-end golf courses, country clubs and world-class destination resorts. Arcis-owned and managed properties differentiate themselves from the competition through a focus on providing lifestyle and family-centric amenities and best-in-class service levels. Arcis is committed to significant reinvestment in acquired properties to ensure a high-quality experience for our members and guests.